Disclaimer: " Recently local news media companies aired or printed a news story describing an arrest of a "Las Cruces security guard" for faking his own kidnapping. This security officer was not employed by Las Cruces Security Services, Inc. and never has been. He was employed by another security company operating in Las Cruces."

Las Cruces Security Services

We live in uncertain times.  And in these uncertain days, we hear a great deal about security. We don't need the extra stress and anxiety that comes from worrying about our homes and property, our businesses, and even our personal safety.  It is comforting to feel that the things important to us are protected.

And it isn't enough to just have the physical presence of security personnel and alarms, we want to know what is behind the uniforms and badges and the electronic gadgets.  Who is responsible for "minding the store?" What we really need to feel secure are experience and expertise, both of which are provided by Las Cruces Security Services.

Las Cruces Security Services provides security and investigative services in Las Cruces, as well as, other areas of Southern New Mexico. With combined policing experience of over 92 years, Las Cruces Security Services has great expertise for all your security and investigative needs. They offer knowledge, experience, and stability, all the qualities that one looks for when putting their trust in a security company.